Photos and Artwork

Photo by Shano – The Wombat Jedi – Stratford-upon-the-Avon, entry number 42. Read his about his adventures in the U.K. Three Pints And a Towel please…. In cyberspace the Wombat Jedi resides here: Twitter and Facebook.

Margreet Nannenberg for The Netherlands — Towel Day 2014 entry — Follow her blog on Facebook.


Tanna Thornburg – author of environmental mystery suspense entered a photo with “Tonka”, her tortoise  • Follow her blog and connect with her on Twitter.


Classically Mish – entered creation Earth & Space — Blue Brazilian agate and white Jade • You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook. Check out her homepage for more inspirations.


Tammy – Rabid Reader’s Reviews and Rabid Reader’s too reviewed the book  “Don’t Panic, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Guide” by Neil Gaiman. She also took the time and effort to post  42 book recommendations for Towel Day 2014 (article: offsite link) Connect with Tammy on Twitter and Facebook



Lawrence of Arabia in a parallel universe a.k.a. @maladroitUK on Twitter entered A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live Ticket



Adam – International Towel Day – photo of the space dog, Bane, mascot of the International Towel Day page •  join Adam on  Twitter and Facebook.


Veronica Scott – author of science fiction and fantasy romance entered a Lego Rover and Towel photo • Follow her blog and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


RangeWoman_Inc – entry Towel Day May 25th, 1924 in a parallel universe that is not so parallel


@J_Greunen Digital Guide entry • Link to Johan: Twitter








Mats-Ola for Sweden — Vogon Construction Fleet and Towel













RangeWoman_Inc – The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy – Cover Design



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