Towel Day Event 2014

Towel Day

Announcing the Contributors for the Towel Day Event 2014

Posts and Blog Entries

Answer:42 – Need an Answer? Check out the h2g2 Community at “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition“,
Guide editors on Twitterh2g2_Comms on Twitter and Facebook.
Special Entry “The First Towel Day” and Douglas Adams – “We have the first snowflake. Now let’s build a blizzard.” (offsite links)

Adam – International Towel Day – For postings on Towel Day, join Adam on  Twitter and Facebook.

Clive Johnson – science fiction author of the Dica series wrote a posted the short story In celebration of the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio series broadcast, join him on Goodreads. For readers of science fiction his is also offering his first book of the series Leiyatel’s Embrace free as an ebook. Send an e-mail to and include the format you need  (formats: mobi for Kindle, epub for Kobo and other ereaders, PDF). (article: offsite link)

David Morrese – DL Morrese—author of humorous science fiction is posting Marvin’s Towel Day Present. He also offering all his books as a free download from on SmashWords (formats: mobi for Kindle, epub for Kobo and other ereaders, PDF). Visit his blog for more information on free books for Towel Day. You can connect with David Morrese  TwitterFacebook and Pinterest(articles: offsite link)

Liz Young – The Sperm Whale and Bowl of Petunias – is celebrating Towel Day on her Facebook page.

Professor Emeritus Paul Brians – Washington State University — Department of English, open letter.

Shano – The Wombat Jedi – talks about his 42nd birthday that took place on Thursday. Read his about his adventures in the U.K. Three Pints And a Towel please…. In cyberspace the Wombat Jedi resides here: Twitter and Facebook(article: offsite link)

Stephen Dunkley — fantasy author of Endangered Creatures wrote a short story about Ford New Towel Day. Most days you can find him on Twitter as @pasteyh2g2, the digital lead at the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Tammy – Rabid Reader’s Reviews and Rabid Reader’s too reviewed the book “Don’t Panic, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Guide” by Neil Gaiman. She also took the time and effort to post 42 book recommendations for Towel Day 2014. (articles: offsite link)
Join Tammy here: Twitter and Facebook.

Photos and Art Work Entries all onsite—will be updated throughout Towel Day. Please check out the RangeWoman Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Entered photos and art work are/will be published on this blog –> Photos & Art Work

Adam – International Towel Day entered h2g2 photos

Bernard Rose – Photographer – Guide entry
Links to Bernard: and Twitter.

Classically Mish – entered art work (Earth & Planets) • For further creations you can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook and her homepage.

Johan – @J_Greunen Guide entry • Link to Johan: Twitter.

Margreet Nannenberg – Towel with Bulldozer entry • Follow her blog on Facebook.

Mats-Ola entered a Vogon construction vehicle with towel.

Tammy – Rabid Readers Reviews sent in a Towel and Guide photo (links above).

Tanna Thornburg – author of mystery suspense entered a photo • Follow her blog and connect with her on Twitter.

Veronica Scott – author of science fiction romance entered a LEGO Rover and Towel photo • Follow her blog and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

A thank you to all those that had and took the time to contribute to this event.

This is a public service announcement by RangeWoman Inc. powered by the Improbability Drive.


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