Towel Day

Announcing the Contributors for the Towel Day Event 2013

Posts and Blog Entries

Answer:42 – Need an Answer? Check out the h2g2 Community at “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition“,
Guide editors on Twitter, h2g2_Comms on Twitter and Facebook
Special Entry “The First Towel Day” and Douglas Adams – “We have the first snowflake. Now let’s build a blizzard.(offsite links)

Adam – International Towel Day – paparazzi in the U.K. managed to track down Ford Perfect, Zaphod and Marvin and sneak on interview “Where Are They Now”.
You can find Adam here: Twitter and Facebook.

Anthony Naylor – The Daily Dalek – sent two Dalek/Hitchhiker crossover cartoons.
You can find the Daily Dalek cartoonist and Whovian here: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

David Morrese – DL Morrese – author of humorous science fiction is posting ‘Twas the Night before Towel Day.
You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. (Article: offsite link)

Gobbledegook42 – the U.K.-based raging reporter eavesdrops on a conversation between the famous novelist and Marvin that is taking place “In the restaurant at the End of the Mall” in a parallel universe. Read his A Wholly Unremarkable Post: Douglas meets Marvin (Don’t Panic! It’s Mostly Harmless) here.
You can find the raging reporter on Twitter.

Kat – Nature Photography by Katherine White will be posting animal photos related to the Guide.
You can find her here: Twitter, Facebook and at the Artist Website.

Liz Young – The Sperm Whale and Bowl of Petunias – is celebrating Towel Day with a song lyric “Hitchhiker Girls”.
You can find Liz here: Facebook.

Ruth Harris – New York Times best seller author talks about her research for her book “Zuri” in her post: “How and why a NYC girl came to write a book about a baby rhino”. She also gives an extended update on the latest development regarding rhino poaching.
You can find Ruth here: Twitter and Pinterest. (article: offsite link)

Shano – The Wombat Jedi – is reporting directly from Australia on the latest development of the endangered Northern hairy-nosed wombat. Read: Wombats – A Last Chance to See.
In cyberspace the Wombat Jedi resides here: Twitter and Facebook. (article: offsite link)

Tammy – Rabid Reader’s Reviews and Rabid Reader’s too is posting a review on “Last Chance to See” by Douglas Adams. She also took the time and effort to post 42 book recommendations for Towel Day.
Join Tammy here: Twitter and Facebook. (articles: offsite links)

Zaptoid Bongslinger – two-headed ex-hippie and all-around good guy wrote a “Two Days Before Towel Day” version.
When he is not on board of the “Heart of Gold” you can find him on Twitter. (article: offsite link)

Photos and Art Work Entries all onsite:

All entered photos and art work are published on this site: entered photos and entered art work.

Adam – International Towel Day entered one illustration and three h2g2-related photos

Adam Mclevey – Guide entry
Links to Adam: Blog and Twitter

Bernard Rose – Photographer – Guide entry
Links to Bernard: and Twitter

Impeccable Lies – Towel/42 entry
Link to the Facebook page of “The Impeccable Lies”.

Gary – bisbeegc – photo entry
Link to Gary: Twitter

Johan – @J_Greunen Guide entry
Link to Johan: Twitter

Karoly Vegh – A Froody Family celebrates Towel Day
Link to Karoly: Blog and Twitter

Liz Young – The Sperm Whale and Bowl of Petunias sent in a illustration and photos

Mats-Ola and Carl – father and son Towel entries

Michael K. Rose – science fiction author – Guide entry
Link to Michael: Blog, Twitter and Facebook

@mrgr8n – Towel with Bulldozer entry

Siobhán – Shiv42Tea
Link to Siobhán: Twitter

Tammy – Rabid Readers Reviews sent in a Towel and Guide photo

A thank you to all those that had and took the time to contribute to this event.

This is a public service announcement by RangeWoman Inc. powered by the Improbability Drive.

All photos and blog entries will be posted to the RangeWoman Inc. Facebook page. Keep it froody!


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