Which hitchhiker’s character are you?

An article by BBC U.S. and something fans may have been waiting for:

Personality Quiz: Which ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ Character Are You?


2 thoughts on “Which hitchhiker’s character are you?

  1. Sigh… I’m Arthur Dent.
    A true Arthur Dent will not find this result pleasing. And it will have come as something of a surprise. And that’s because Arthur considers himself to be slightly more dynamic and capable than he really is. Or slightly less. It’s hard to say for sure, because he does spent a lot of time gaping in wonder and irritation at the universe around him and wondering how he can curtail the astonishment for long enough to put everything back the way it was.

    So, as a true Arthur, it might be an idea to try a few new things (by choice, that is, not the ones you’ve been dragged into). Maybe start with a different blend of tea and work forward from there.


    • I got Ford Prefect. There were some questions that you knew would lead either to a “Marvin” or “Zaphod” result. It was pretty easy to identify those answers. I just wonder if they included “Deep Thought” as a character.


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