Star Trek Self Destruct Initiated

D.L. Morrese

LCARSSelfDestructWhat’s the best way to destroy an entertainment franchise?
Piss off its biggest fans.

That’s what CBS and Paramount are now risking by bringing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Axanar, the latest of a long string of fan-produced Star Trek films. While many of these are distinctly amateurish, with weak scripts, poor acting, and cardboard and duct tape sets, a few of the more recent ones have a far more professional appearance. Some are quite good. Axanar promises to be one of the best yet.

Despite all the time, effort, and money needed to produce them, these fan films don’t make a profit. They aren’t intended to. Actually, the producers spend their own money, along with that of contributors, to make them, and they are free to watch on YouTube and other places. Profit is not the goal. Fans produce them as an expression of admiration for Star Trek

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