Marvin’s Towel Day Present

D.L. Morrese

TowelDay Banner

Zaphod stood grinning, a disturbing act,Zaphod
With two mouths to double the subtle impact.
Marvin just knew that some demeaning task
Awaited behind that grin. He did not ask.

He did not need to, for Zaphod then said,
“I got you a present. Put this on your head.”
He handed an object to Marvin and smiled
Like a bugblatter beast at a feast but with style.

PartyMarvin1“A party hat, lovely,” the robot replied.
“What’s the occasion?” he asked and then sighed.
Marvin was not one for parties or hats
Or much else that’s fun, when it comes down to that.

“It’s Towel Day, Marvin. Don’t say you forgot,”
Zaphod admonished. But Marvin had not.
He knew about Towel Day. Everyone did,
But parties and hats were both stuff for kids.

He didn’t go in much for wild celebrations.
He favored instead more sedate cogitations.
Planet-size brains are not made for…

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