The misogynistic attitudes of men behaving badly

Shano’s personal take on misogynistic attiudes.

shano the wombatjedi

I’m not one to normally to rant and rave about things that cheese me off, I normally write about my travels or interesting happy things, if this is what you’ve clicked on to read this time skip to something else I’ve written, tonight it got to the stage where it’s 12:30am in the morning, I’ve been lying in bed for 2 hours now, thinking about what I read on twitter earlier on a simple comment made about the press conference in regards to the new PS4 and XboxOne platforms and games. I cant sleep and I’ve decided to get up and put down in words what’s bothering me for peace of mind. It was a simple statement made about female protagonist’s in new release video games, or the lack thereof. The misogynist attitude backlash that followed was to me how the inequality of the sexes really still promotes itself in…

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