Wombats – A Last Chance to See

I hope that for our generation “The Last Chance to See” does not apply for these wonderful animals.

shano the wombatjedi


What came to my mind first after I received an email from a friend asking me to contribute a piece concerning wombats? As all my creative juices or lack thereof oozed from my peanut-sized imagination, I remembered one important thing. DON’T PANIC.

Towel day approaches next week 25th May 2013, hoopy froods are writing, baking, sewing and building. After reading an interesting article concerning the land down under called Australia, written by non other than Mr. Douglas Adams I laughed until my insides hurt, read it again and thought to myself: “this piece describes how most of the world including us Aussies think when we look at ourselves. This is what our sunburnt dangerous island really is like.” It does tend to read like the writer had his tongue firmly planted in the side of his cheek with the biggest grin on his face, but I can assure you, it’s…

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One thought on “Wombats – A Last Chance to See

  1. Loved this article! This had me in stitches ‘At night, they often wander the roads. Semi-trailers (Road Trains) have hit them at high speed, with all 9 wheels on one side, and this merely makes them very annoyed’


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