’Twas the Night before Towel Day

David Morrese’s contribution for the Towel Day Extra 2013. Have a laugh.

D.L. Morrese


’Twas the night before Towel Day. I gazed at the sky.
The Vogons were coming. I started to cry.
I knew why they’d come here ’cause I’d read the Guide.
I reached for my towel. There was nowhere to hide.

HHG-VogonFleetAs humanity huddled asleep in their beds,
Unaware of the doom hanging over their heads,
I ran out my door and then into my car.
Only one thing might stop this scourge from the stars.

Huge yellow ships hovered high in the air
In the way that bricks don’t. ‘This just isn’t fair!’
I raced through stop signs and lights that glowed red.
My goal was only two minutes ahead.

I got to my office block, went to the top,
And there on the roof, I came to a stop.
Above me the largest ship stood quietly poised
Demolition beams ready, and then, there was noise.

“People of Earth,” a…

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One thought on “’Twas the Night before Towel Day

  1. Nice one, I only gnawed off a little insignificant digit that wasn’t doing much anyway.The Azgoths of Kria eat your hearts out. Jokes aside I did like this.


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